The snowy outside of the temple. How the game starts. The inside of the temple at the start of the game with the initial light continuous source that provides for the entire game. A beam of light coming in from the top right of the room and being reflected through a series of mirrors past the player. A ghost farmer coming at you from the left an his ghost child from the right.

Gosutoraito, or just "Ghost Light," was created as a team with the help of Jared Myersand Kara Metalfe as our final project for the ATLAS Game Development class at the University of Colorado Boulder. It is a 3D puzzle game where you must guide a single beam of light down trough the floors of the underground dungeon beneath a temple with reflections and other light beam interactions. As the player gets deeper into the game they start to encounter other ghosts that can be troublesome but also incredibly useful. Looking into the mirrors of the game shows that you are a ghost wearing a samurai's armor; the game is meant to symbolize a samurai's journey to the afterlife after a long life where they felt like they outlived all of the peasants around them who they meant to protect. More about the game plus download links can be found on our itch.io page for this project. And some of our process documentation can be found in our github repository for this project.

TODO: add stuff about creating all of our own assets and how much content is in it...