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Mind's Garden is a musical exploration game and immersive audio visualizer developed by Jared Myers, Kara Metcalfe, and me. The project was our capstone for the Technology Arts and Media undergaduate program. We spent 12 weeks of our final semester creating the game from the ground up. Other than a shader kit and a tool that analyzes the beat of a song, we created the whole game ourselves using the Unity game engine, Autodesk 3ds Max, and coded in C#. We also made use of a tool by Deezer called Spleeter that would split a song into it's component tracks. This was was the inspiration for the core idea of the game that the player would use spatial audio to navigate through a 3d world. That concept lead to the core gameplay loop of the game: splitting a song up and scattering it throughout the world for the player to search out and reassemble. We drew inspiration from other audio visualizer type games, but we are also super proud of coming up with an new and unique idea that was also a really good idea too. The game is free to download and play for Mac, Windows, and Linux from our itch.io page! And it's also open source too, the source code along with our development log can be found on our GitHub repository.