The title screen and instructions of my very first game 'Sleep.' A screenshot of my game 'Sleep.'

Sleep was the very first video game I've ever created. It was created for the ATLAS special topics course focused on rapid game prototyping. We had about 3.5 days to complete our first assignment as compared to the typical 7 provided for the rest of the assignments in the class, so it was extra challenging. It was created in the very lightweight combined game engine/system PICO-8 because of how simple it was and how quick it was for me to learn. Sleep is a puzzle game that you complete by getting the overall volume of the room down low enough to fall asleep. This is done by pressing the arrow keys to focus on different sounds in the room; when you're focusing on a sound it will get louder, but other sounds will get quieter to compensate. When the bar at the bottom falls below the marker, the screen will turn black and you will fall asleep. The game can be played on my page. I'd reccomend turning your volume way down, especially if using headphones, even though the rest of PICO-8 was so easy to learn, the sound system very much was not and the noises can be very loud, disturbing, and annoying. But I guess that's just a reflection on how hard it is to fall asleep with so many terrible noises happening.