For the third project of the course ATLS 3110 Motion, we were tasked with making an audio visualizer/lyric video for a portion of a song. I wanted to take that oportunity to look more into full on music video animation instead, as that was my main inspiration for taking the class in the first place. Plus I had what I thought was a pretty good idea in my head for the theme song used by Matt Parker aka. standupmaths. Matt Parker is a math and science communicator that has been a huge inspiration to me in all of my math and creative technology endeavors, you can check out his YouTube channel or his website to find out more about him. It was a huge challenge for me to complete an animation for a full 4.5 minute song in the amount of time meant to create just a 1 minute long project, which resulted in some repetition, especially in the bridge, but I think it still all came together nicely and I'm proud of it.