Hi! I’m Peter Rosenthal

I’ve never been one to subscribe to the idea that science and art have to be at the opposite ends of a spectrum. I believe that when they are separated into a dichotomy, so much is lost. Breaking down this false dichotomy of art and science has been a core theme of my creative technology journey so far. In my experience, artistic taste, creativity, and design are absolutely necessary in scientific research, not only for communicating the research to others but also to understand your own research yourself.

I also love games. They’re a great source of enjoyment, but go beyond just fun. Games can be a great tool for communicating deep and complex ideas. Interactivity is impactivity, and games and other creative interactions can be so powerful because of the way they use human empathy as a tool to drive a deeper understanding of any subject.

Currently, I’m working on my Master’s degree in Creative Technology and Design at The ATLAS Institute at CU Boulder, where I am combining my passion for creating tools of understanding with my passion for creating games and entertainment. I’m especially interested in finding a way to use gamification in a positive way to add a new dimension of fun and playfulness to traditional scientific research.