Lingoport Command Center Thumbnail for the Lingoport Command Center project; the logo for Command Center; the Lingoport logo (spinning sun rays - illustrated) sits in the center of 4 rectangles, representing a desk full of computer screens with a lot to monitor.Beat Greenhouse Thumbnail for the Beet Greenhouse project; two plants connected to the combining machine by some brightly colored tubes.Tilesish Thumbnail for the Tilesish project; a blue circle is layered over a green triangle, which in turn is layered over a red square.Oscinoodles Thumbnail for the Oscinoodles project; three colorful noodles sway back and forth.The Carbon Cost of Cryptocurrency Thumbnail for the Carbon Cost of Crypto project; a bunch of city buildings piled on top of each other, all contained within a box.Sonatome Teller Thumbnail for the Sonatome Teller project; an antique looking wooden trapezoidal prism shaped stereo with a lid style opening on the top.Flocking: Interactive Graphing Thumbnail for the Flocking - Interactive Graphing project; a flock of arrow shaped boids (bird-oids) flock around.Mind’s Garden Thumbnail for the Mind’s Garden project, some majestic and colorful trees sit on a hillside, and the sky is filled with geometric star fractals.Gosutoraito Thumbnail for the Gosutoraito project, shows a small wooden temple in a snowy hillside.Tilted Tropical Cyclones An overhead view of the clouds from a simulated hurricane.Breaking the Peierls-Nabarro Energy Barrier A 3D scientific plot shows a wave traveling forward with a little bit of dispersion as time increases.